was founded last year by Design Facilitator and Marketeer Frank Decavele, with a clear vision to help potential partners and customers who believe in open innovation.

Usually, many stakeholders are involved in process of Business & Tech Design of new products and services having the ambition to make a difference in the age of digital transformation and IoT.
These development processes have a high degree of complexity for our audience. It is most of the time a real challenge to organise close team collaboration when multi-disciplinary teams are involved. Moreover, it is increasingly difficult for our partners to differentiate themselves in a rapidly changing market. Incremental innovation is no longer enough to be competitive. Innovation by Design 'and' Human-Centered Design with Purpose 'form the new strategic weapon.
There is clearly a role for agencies with specific support services, in response to an increasing demand for efficient and validated methods to come quickly into successful innovations. We are continuously looking to further strengthen our team with professionals delivering the capacity and skills required to facilitate design collaboration to our customers. Based on the latest insights and strong methodology, we will help our clients to generate positive impact on business results.